Wisteria Pruning: How to prune in Winter

Wisteria pruning seems to worry most gardeners, making them feel they may destroy or ruin their wisteria if done incorrectly however it’s not as complicated as you may fear.


If pruned correctly you will be rewarded with a beautiful display of flowers later in spring.

Wisteria pruning should be done twice a year, first in July/August and then in Jan/Feb.

In the summer the pruning would involve shortening the long, whippy tendrils that this fast-growing climber produces, cutting them back to around 6 leaves.

Wisteria has a habit of getting out of control and growing into gutter pipes, windows, and wherever it can make its way. This pruning allows the plant to focus on flowering rather than producing leaf growth.

How do you prune wisteria in winter?

Winter pruning of wisteria is carried out in January or February and concentrates on the plant’s effort to grow flower-bearing spurs. At this time of the year, the plant is dormant and leafless and making it super easy to see what you are doing, and you will now realize pruning is much more simple than it sounds.

If you don’t yet have wisteria and would like to get one then a good choice for starters is Wisteria Sinensis ‘Prolific’.

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