What to Plant In the Garden In Autumn? Garden Tips

When should I start planting my garden? What should I be planting in my summer or autumn garden? Should I hire gardeners in London? As a homeowner living in London, you may be wondering what to plant in your garden so that your garden remains beautiful throughout the year in such a concrete Jungle. Below are some suggestions. 


What To Plant In Autumn/Summer – Garden Tips 2023


Autumn is a time to do some serious gardening. It’s a season for trees and hedging, fruit bushes and fruit trees, garlic, broad beans, and more. Basically, it’s a time of the root when well-established roots run deeply into the soil and sustain you come flood or drought.


As we all know, autumn is when temperatures cool, the soils are still warm from the summer heat, and the top growth starts to slow. Planting during this season means the plants will concentrate their effort to reach their roots deeper into the soil. By doing so, they will create a network of roots that will give them stability and sustain them for a long time.


As winter approaches, the sun will move through a lower arc in the sky. This means the angles of the rays of the Sun will be golden and longer. This is why autumn is a perfect time for gardening as you can ensure the Sun shines through the vibrantly coloured shrubs and trees into your garden.


We recommend that you inject some fresh colour and vigor by planting hardy perennials in your garden. Not only will they make your garden look good. But they will last for years to come.


Planting heathers will ensure that you have bee-friendly blooms every season. These compact evergreen shrubs offer a wide choice of flower colours and foliage. Some even produce a lovely scent that leaves your garden smelling great. We recommend starting with heathers such as Daboecia, Erica and Calluna. They are similar in appearance and have the same growing requirements.


What you ought to know is that most heathers thrive in acidic soil. But some will tolerate alkaline soil while others neutral soil. So, always check the plant labels before buying heathers. If your soil is too alkaline, you can grow your heathers in containers of acidic compost.


Since they are compact, you can produce a spectacular display thanks to their blooms. In fact, with mixed planting of heathers, you can create a tapestry of different flower colours and foliage. The colours can range from white, red, pink, purple and mauve. Since there are species for every season, you can select and spread the colours right across the year.


If you plant winter flowering heathers, you’ll brighten your garden when little else is in flower. You can buy heathers at your local garden centers or online. They are inexpensive, available all year round and sold in 9 cm pots or larger.



What To Plant in Summer


Fill your garden with colour by planting a reliable selection of long-flowering summer plants. From white hues to pretty shades of pink, there is no shortage of plant choices to fill up empty spaces in your garden.


Summer is an exciting time for gardeners because it’s the best time to sow a variety of foods and plants to be ready in time for the last of fresh summer dining. Let’s face it, there is nothing more gorgeous than a garden full of flowers and plants able to withstand the summer heat. From the arresting colours to the captivating aromas, summer is the perfect time to design a perfect garden.


Let’s start with the flowering plants. You can plant:


·     Pelargoniums


·    Abutilons


·     Erigeron


·     Potentilla


·     Campanulas


·     Bowles Mauve


·     Apricot Delight and others


To prepare your garden, start by tidying up the borders and flower beds. With winter gone, dead leaves and foliage that fell from bushes and trees will have collected in your garden. Remove them plus any rubbish then neaten the borders by trimming the edges before turning your soil in preparation for planting.


Don’t forget to get rid of any pests and weeds. Spring is the best time to remove weeds from your lawn and garden. Not only will this make your garden look tidier. But it will ensure no weeds are present to steal precious nutrients from the soil that your plants need.


Summer is the best time to plant a garden that boasts of a riot of colours from attractive flowers. So, we recommend planting summer flowering plants. Good examples include iris, crocuses, dahlias and lilies.

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Hire Gardeners in London


The plants above are among the few that you can grow in your summer or autumn garden. There are more that you can introduce into your garden and make it a sight to behold in both seasons. Just remember, when you make your selection, don’t forget to read the planting instructions on the label. If you need help with your autumn or summer garden, you can always give gardeners in London a call!



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