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We provide professional lawn care services with cost effective services for any lawn problems, find the solution to any lawn care issues you may have. These services are guaranteed to produce desired lawn areas, so you can enjoy a lush green lawn.


There are procedures which should be followed to achieve a healthy green and weed free lawn, its not just mowing and watering the lawn to get the best results. It takes some time and attention and using specialist products to get the best results – we can provide these services as part of our garden maintenance services.


Specially blended nitrogen based granular feed is applied during our Spring lawn treatment to encourage density and colour in the lawns. Lawns will typically be sprayed to kill any accumulation of moss over the winter months.


During our early Summer lawn treatment, we apply a slow release, no scorch nitrogen granule to nourish grass plants and encourage a deep green colour. Lawns will also be sprayed for broad leaved weeds such as dandelion, daisy and clover infestation.


A second application of slow release lawn feed continues assisting the grass plants to remain strong and dense thus reducing the available space for incursions by broad leaved weeds. A further application of liquid herbicide is applied to reduce weed numbers.


A winter feed is applied to nourish grass plant roots and harden grass plants for the winter. A heavy dose of liquid moss killer is also applied at this time to stop the progress of incoming moss in its tracks.

You can add our lawn care services to the Garden Maintenance services we provide.


    • Lawn Mowing- proper mowing keeps your lawn healthy and doing so regularly provides a tightly woven turf
    • Trimming- utilising industry standard trimmers that are efficient and precise
    • Edging- make the perfect and neat borders of your lawn
    • Top dressing – refresh and feed your lawn as well as remove any small bumps
    • Spring care – this seasonal treatment readies the grass for the upcoming summer
    • Autumn care – another seasonal treatment that involves feeding and fertilising the grass in order to prepare it for the winter
    • Repair- if an area of the grass is damaged and not growing as it should, it can be re-seeded and fertilised again
    • Scarification- surface moss and thatch need to be scarified at least once or twice annually to avoid damage to your lawn
    • Aeration- it’s recommended to be performed after scarification; involves injecting extra oxygen into the lawn roots to improve their health
    • Feeding- between April and September it’s vital for your lawn to undergo feeding and weed

lawn mower and lawn


Water Irrigation

Watering your lawn and is the key to preserving its lushness and beauty. Our experts carefully design your sprinkler system to ensure maximum coverage to your lawn and plantations. Whether you are looking for a brand new irrigation system to maintain your lawn or to service an existing system.

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