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Hedge trimming and planting services provided by Londons experienced gardeners. We offer all types of hedge services whether its trimming/pruning an existing hedge, planting a new hedge or removing hedges. No matter the location or height of the hedge, we are fully equipped to take on the job and doing a great job of it!


Booking any hedge services is easy with us. Simply call 0203 488 1912 or email photos to info@acemaintenance.co.uk to get a quote sent back to you almost instantly.

Hedge cutting services you can rely on, used by hundreds of clients in London.

Whether its trimming and reducing overgrown hedges or routine maintenance for your hedging - we can help with this.

Key Benefits of the Service

Trimming and pruning hedges and shrubs at the correct time of the year and using correct tools makes all the difference for the hedging. For a healthy and dense hedge, correct timing for pruning is essential – Hedging is usually planted for privacy so of course its best to be dense without patches or gaps. We can also supply and plant all varieties of hedging for competitive rates too. High access is not an issue for us as we have access towers we can bring on site to work safely at height. 

Want to Book Hedge Cutting Services?

Give us a call on 0203 488 1912 or email us at info@acemaintenance.co.uk to book your hedge trimming service now.

Our gardening division has many years of experience in all phases of garden maintenance and landscaping. Our customer focused approach makes us the preferred choice for gardening services. Your hedge trimming request will be delivered as requested.
We are fully equipped and skilled for your job. We operate professional machinery that help us to carry out a great service.
We commit to delivering a high standard service on every job we go out to. Rest assured, we are a small team of experienced and friendly gardeners who aim to continue to maintain our amazing reputation for services.

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