How To Get Rid Of Slugs

Besides the unpleasant look, slugs can devastate your garden by eating your favourite plants. Learn how to protect your garden and get rid of slugs, following our tips.

  1. Using plants

You can get rid of slugs with minimal cruelty by making your garden an inhospitable habitat for slugs. You can do so by planting highly scented plants that slugs despise such as lavender, astrantia, fennel, rosemary, sage or begonias. You can also plant some of their favourites in a corner of your garden, in order to send them there instead of allowing them to rule your entire garden.

  1. Using wildlife

Slugs love to hide in dark and damp places, so make sure you remove any logs, bricks or other things that could be a shelter to slugs. After removing their potential shelters, slugs will be exposed to natural predators such as birds, hedgehogs, toads, fireflies, newts or snakes. Encourage natural slug predators to inhabit your garden and take care of the problem themselves. Other slug predators are chickens, frogs, turtles, salamanders, ground beetles, rove beetles and many others.

  1. Creating barriers

You can create barriers out of things that slugs don’t like such as sand, coffee grounds or eggshells. Sprinkle one of them around slugs’ favourite areas of your garden to keep them away and to benefit your plants as a bonus. Sand, coffee grounds and eggshells create an uncomfortable habitat for slugs and benefit the soil at the same time. You can also create a barrier of salt to keep them away from certain areas of your garden. If you just want to kill the slugs you find, a cruel option is to sprinkle salt on them. Salt will dehydrate their body, leading to a painful death.

  1. Setting traps

Beer is loved by many and slugs are big fans of it. You can bury a glass with beer in order to be ground level and wait for the slugs to go inside. Check the trap every morning and dispose of the drown slugs. If you don’t want to kill the slugs, you can trap and release them by placing a wet log in one of their favourite areas. Slugs will love to chill on the log so you can pick it up in the morning and dispose of it together with the slugs somewhere outside your garden.

  1. Keeping your garden tidy

Slugs love wet and dark places. By keeping your garden tidy and removing potential shelters for them, you can prevent the invasion of slugs. Thick layers of wood chips can attract slugs, so make sure you don’t go deeper than 3 inches. Pay special attention in the spring by removing leaves and slug eggs. Keep your garden free of debris, mow the lawn regularly and water your garden in the early morning to ensure that it is dry by evening, thus avoiding slugs and also the appearance of moss in your lawn.


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