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lawn topdressing

Lawn topdressing: Why, When and How To Do It

Topdressing a lawn is the process of introducing a mixture of materials to a lawn to improve the look, level and add nutrients to a lawn. This gardening method is widely used across gardening services for clients.   The materials used to topdress include sand, soil, loam, and peat which are mixed together to replicate […]
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Top Tips For a Green Lawn This Spring

These easy lawn care steps will vastly improve your lawn for the spring and summer ahead Feeding and weeding As we enter spring your lawn will begin to grow rapidly and mowing frequency increases, this will require the lawn to be fed to reduce the risk of it be become thin and sparse. Apply a spring […]
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How To Control Ants In Garden

There are numerous pests that can appear in your garden, but one of the more impressive is the ant. Working together ants can achieve incredible feats, moving seemingly impossible weights of food and material to build their colony. However, as impressive as they are, ants can be destructive too, especially if they start roaming inside […]
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